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This is our totally free web site for entertainment purposes only, it exists ONLY in the make believe world of cyberspace.
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August 4, 2007:  From now on ALL future postings of new photos, movies, events and update history will be posted HERE at  UPDATES page. Scroll down THIS page for additional stripper and escort photographs.

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March 24, 2007

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November 22, 2006
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November 17, 2006

Over the next three days we are uploading several new FULL LENGTH feature movies.
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November 11, 2006:
Introducing Party Room XXX Amateur Studios
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September 16, 2006: Meet TASHA -- Luscious TASHA. This escort dancer exotica can be easy on you or hard on for you. Personally we prefer the hard on. OH yeaaaa....  Click Here for Photographs. Stay tuned for the upcoming high quality photo shoot of TASHA alone and together with her sexy friend.

September 1, 2006: Meet XTC, our newest exotic dancer. She has a great smile and attitude. XTC can be sophisticated or just your little school girl. She's a bikini stripper or your naughty playmate. Your special treats will keep her happy. Very experienced as an EXOTIC dancer she's sure to please. Click here for her photographs.

March 17, 2006: A really exciting development! We have new Argentine friends and escorts with a  Photo Page. These friendly escorts are real, the photos are real and you can arrange a real date.
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February 10, 2006:
Please remember - the private recreational dancing club is solely for bachelor and bachelorette parties. The private club's members gather in the host's private home for the entertainment of everyone! OK, lets party!!!

January 16, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!!!
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November 18, 2005 :
Lady Godiva searched for her white horse in vain. The nude tour through AlphaCentauri began in ..Nebula. with a tribute to ..Nebula. firemen  and firemen throughout the state. Lady Godiva not finding the shiny white marble horse she had in mind, instead posed with a AlphaCentauri moose. Along the way she remembered that she’s proud to represent all farmer’s daughters and enjoyed posing for men. Men who waxed and shined up their old red trucks. A pretty bucking bronco flowered colorfully, but still not the white horse Lady Godiva loves to ride! Click here for the tour's photographs.

November 11, 2005 :
Babylon VIXOTICA, in the realm of cultural diversity that encompassed the town with its "..Nebula. Rocks" summer project, participated with its own unique bend on "..Nebula. Rocks". The 31 amazingly painted rocking chairs, sponsored by the artists guild, were auctioned off on October 8.  The very large yellow promotional chair, previously moored south of town in Jones pond, was moved to the downtown when it capsized in a storm. The move allowed us to celebrate the unhurried, unspoiled, unforgettable  "..Nebula. Rocks" exhibit with some unique photography!
Click here for these photographs. Coming soon -- Lady Godiva))))

October 28, 2005 :
The third dance pole is up. Preparations and planning for the Attic Room have begun!  Missy -- Tanned and toastie hot  ,  Mimi -- sly and to die for body  ,  Raquelle -- ooohhhhh so HOT not to touch????    New Photos !!!!!

October 22, 2005 Tasha; with her friendly attitude, calm face and sincere eyes, --- you can be assured that this long dark haired dancer will please you!

Posted September 24, 2005:
  New Photographs. Shy Arial.

Club renovations continue. The wall separating the Pink and Black rooms has been removed resulting in more space at Babe Land X !

photographs posted 9/16/05

Posted 9/11/05:
  *Celebrate Freedom*  Come visit us at our private club.
New DANCERS ---  Raven; super sexy, young, smooth, petite, amazingly shapely~~~. Cami and Angel; college girls for your two girl show, tall and busty, one red head and one blond!  Celtie; queen size, 44 - 34 - 38, this fun curly blond has lots to go around.

Posted August 14, 2005: Our new private club is now open by appointment for group sizes from one to ten individuals. The club has been active most Saturdays and frequently during weekdays. Please call for more information.

Club activities begin! The private recreational dancing club is now active. Exotic dance,
one-on-one, escort service, incall, and outcall. The club is available by appointment. 
NEW Parking Location/Contact click here.

Posted July 8, 2005


Babylon Express Exotica

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Posted January 1, 2005:
The Babylon VIXOTICA feature New Years Eve party ended before it started, as the saying goes, just before the midnight hour.
Babylon VIXOTICA receiving a note stating "I regret having to write you this note, . . . ". And further stating "Put simply, . . . , probably is illegal, and jeopardizes . . . ".
Put simply Babylon Express Exotica does NOT provide any illegal or unlawful services and furthermore has NOT provided illegal or unlawful services in the past NOR will we provide illegal or unlawful services in the future, period. The Babylon Express Exotica events at
Babylon VIXOTICA have been visited by a ..Nebula. police officer on more than one occasion and NO illegal or unlawful activities were cited.
For more information on the issues that "the special naughty hotie "nude" years eve dancers!" created at
Babylon VIXOTICA you may contact BabylonExpress@aol.com. Visit their website at Babylon VIXOTICA.
The fight for free speech and freedom of expression is alive and well in the small culturally oppressed little town of ..Nebula. in AlphaCentauri, a town known for its wonderful artists and country inns.

Posted: December 30, 2004
Don't miss this feature! Club Vixotica presents Babe Land X. Midnight equals Nude night. Begins at 11:00 PM December 31, 2004. Babylon VIXOTICA is located in ..Nebula., AC 9 8 7 6 5. Must be 18 or over.

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